Geometric Shawl

The shawl is formed by two geometric figures: one triangle equilateral and two right-angles. Then, when you fold it on half you’ll see a parallelogram. This pattern is so easy to beginners and may be knitted with anyone yarn and needle.
Yarn: 02 skeins Bariloche Aslan (yarn 85% wool and 15% polyamide).
Needles: 7mm Gauge: isn’t critical.
What should you know/learn to knit this shawl?
 Garter stitch: knit right and wrong side. Slip first stitch purlwise. Increase: knit from and back (kfb)
Decrease using k2tog: to create a right inclination. Decrease using ssk: slip stitch knitwise, slip stitch knitwise, and knit; to create a left inclination. Instructions Knit this shawl pattern with garter stitch (knit right and wrong side).
Cast on 03 Sts. Set up row: purl Row 1: Slip first st, knit one front and back (kfb), knit.
Row 02: Slip first st, knit front and back (kfb), knit. Repeat rows 1 and 2 until have 102 stitches. Then, put a marker on half (51 stitches each side.)
 Right side:
Row 1: Slip first stitch, k48, k2tog, k1. Turn. Row 2: Slip the first sts, knit. Repeat these two rows. When you have just three stitches, bind off.
 Left Side Work from middle to outside. Row 1: slip st, ssk, k48. Row 2: slip st, knit.
Repeat these two rows. When you have just three stitches, bind off. Variation: This shawl may be knitted with anyone yarn/needle.
IN BRIEF: cast on 3 sts, work garter stitch, slip sts and increasing one st (kfb) at beginning of all rows until the length desired. Then, mark the half and decrease each side until obtain 3 sts (right side: decrease with k2tog, left side: decrease with ssk).Bind off.Free PDF Pattern: Geometric Shawl on Ravelry

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